Friday03 February 2023

First wireless stream of 4K content

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Two companies joined forces, and this week demonstrated wireless streaming of visual content in Ultra HDTV or 4K resolution from the laptop to the presentation screen. Wilocity is a manufacturer of wireless chips with multi-gigabit speeds at a frequency of 60 GHz, while the company DisplayLink is responsible for development of the "USB graphics technology'" which includes a combination of smooth display of video, low latency and ease of USB technology.

Before February and the first appearance of the device that will work according to the new WiGig (IEEE 802.11 ad) specifications prescribed for wireless communication at multi-gigabit speeds, wireless stream of 4K material that requires a very large bandwidth was unthinkable. At Intel's IDF (Intel Developer Forum) conference in San Francisco, the companies jointly demonstrated graphics and videos in 4K resolution using wireless streaming of visual content by WiGig specification.

Demonstrations included a notebook with an integrated WiGig module from the Wilocity and a docking station with the latest DisplayLink chipset capable of 4K that was connected to a monitor that supports 4K resolution.


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