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FixYa says the iPhone is the most reliable

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fixya smartphone reliability scores original

Although every smartphone has some drawbacks, according to test results made by FixYa; Apple's smartphone has the least of them. Apple's device therefore beat Samsung, Nokia and Motorola on FixYa reliability test based on the 7225 trouble tickets received from users and information company StatCounter's market share.

Apple got a 3.47 grade on the FixYa Reliability Reporter list by which they easily took the first place, therefore they had the lowest number of problems in relation to market share. Despite complaints about the battery life, FixYa explained that users prefer the Apple’s simpler though less customizable interface.
fixya smartphone reliability scores original

On this test Motorola got the worst results, whose Droid is a series of smartphones turned out to have the most problems, and were named the least reliable of smartphones tested. iPhone, Galaxy, Lumia and Droid family of devices were submitted to this test. Samsung, which has contributed greatly to the popularization and development of Android, ranked second in reliability. However, with a rating of 1.21 they are three times less reliable than the iPhone. Samsung users prefer quality screen and user interface.

Nokia took the third place because of the long load times and weak offer of applications for Windows Phone, while the quality, design and hardware capabilities Lumia smartphone users find to be their positive characteristics.

The problem of the battery life was detected in 3 of 4 tested lines of smartphones, warming of the devices was also mentioned (Samsung and LG), as well as poor WiFi connectivity (iPhone) and problems with the screen (Motorola).

[Ed – It goes without saying that the sampling here is not a significant number and is a poor representation considering that they are taking UI design into account over battery life issues…]

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