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Flexible and stretchable battery developed

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A team of researchers from the University of Illinois, led by Professor John Rogers was able to create a battery that is not only flexible, but can be stretched up to three times the original size, and is powered wirelessly.

The key of flexibility lies in the using the so-called island for energy storage and snake-like wire connections embedded in the polymer that provides all the bending while the energy is being saved in these islands of storage. Wires are laid in the form of letters "S" and keep them connected together, as seen in the pictures. Because they are laid in this way they can be stretched in the same way as polymer fibers, stress-free and without the ablility to break either during stretching or shrinking the initial form. Stretch and contraction can be repeated without consequences.

Wireless charging allows polymer to completely cover all the components of the battery, protecting them from damage (eg. contact with the liquid). Although only a prototype has been developed, and it needs a lot of research so the battery reaches commercial use. So far they have managed to get around 20 charges.  Once it is developed to the end it will be the ideal battery for devices based on flexible screens and electronics.

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