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Flipboard for Android Leaks Out Thanks to XDA Developers

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introWe have talked before about an app called Flipboard which is one of the best news readers for smartphones and tablets. The problem so far is that there is not really any good alternative for Android. Sure there is Google’s Currents but that is slow to refresh and rather bulky. Now Android users can rejoice as with the Galaxy III from Samsung we can see Flipboard from android for the first time. For those of you that do not want to wait on the app you can always head over to the XDA forums and grab it early.

There are some issues though. One of the biggest that we have run into is that it keep crashing on ICS on our new Galaxy Nexus (Sprint). We have even had a forced reboot so be forewarned if you are running ICS on your Android phone. The other we ran into is that the list of active sites you can subscribe to is much shorter than what you find on the Apple version of the app.

not_thereNow we are aware that this is not an official release (that will happen soon, but just not yet). For the time being the Galaxy S III is supposed to be the only Android Phone to have this app (something that makes it a nice upgrade). Still the funning thing is why the list of sites would be limited on one device and not on anther. According to Flipboard you should have the same experience regardless of the device you are using.

Even a full search did not find some of the sites that I found on an iPad (or iPhone). We could not find DecryptedTech’s Flipboard page at all and the RSS feeds that were listed were old and did not work. This does not appear to be the same experience at all. Just to make sure there was nothing wrong with each of the sites we attempted to add we ran the same searches on an iPad and they popped up at once.

We will continue to tinker around with the new app and let you know what else we find as it gets closer to the full launch. Also it is worth noting that this is a phone resolution app. It is not intended for use on a tablet and does not support landscape flipping at all so for all of you Android tablet owners you will have to wait until the official launch to get the full experience.


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