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Former Microsoft employee arrested for leaking Windows 7 and 8

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Former Microsoft employee Alex Kibkalo was arrested in Seattle on charges that he is guilty of leaking the various versions of Windows to public before their official publication. During the development of Windows 7 and 8 it was fairly common for screenshots or portions of the source code to leak to the Internet , and often they even appeared as a complete copies of the operating system along with the activation key. One of the culprits for this is the aforementioned Kibkalo.

He has repeatedly revealed an official secrets of his company to the unnamed French blogger and sent him various details and a copy of Windows 7 and 8, which blogger later publicly published on the Internet under a pseudonym. Kibkalo was identified as the source of confidential information after the same blogger contacted Microsoft wanting to authenticate his Windows with the code obtained that way.

Internal investigations led to a Hotmail account and chat messages of Alex Kibkalo, from which it is evident that he is the main source of the leak. The motivation for this behavior is reportedly poor ratings of his own performance, which he received as an employee of Microsoft.

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