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Gigabyte A55-DS2 Design and Feature Review Featured

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Features -
In the current market motherboard (and indeed almost all components) performance is very close. The days of a large performance advantage between boards using the same chipset are long gone. That is unless someone makes a HUGE mistake (like runs traces completely wrong). Now, the thing that differentiates different products is the features. These are things like power management, extra slots, better audio CODECs etc. It is these items that R&D teams work so hard to drop into what are really identical pieces of hardware at their most basic level.

Excellent -
Humidity Protection
High Temperature Protection
DX11 Support

These three are probably the best out of the listed feature set. Both offer good product life and can protect the board from the stress that comes from being shoved into a small case with not a lot of cooling. Meanwhile DX11 support at this price range is something unheard of.

In the middle (sort of good) -
ESD Protection
3-TB Drive support
These items, while common in more expensive motherboards from Gigabyte are not typical on an entry level product. Still they are not going to be the reason you chose the A55M-DS2 over another product.

Floor Mats -
Auto Green
ON/OFF Charge

These last two are simply dressing. Granted we can see where On/Off charge might be interesting to some consumers as almost all cell phones can be charged via USB. By using On/Off Charge you can keep your devices going without the need to turn on your system.


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