Wednesday07 December 2022

Gigabyte LGA-1150 lineup

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With the official launch of the new Intel processors the introduction of new motherboards also started. Gigabyte offer is as usual huge and consists of as many as 25 different boards.

The most powerful models possess the Ultra Durable 5 Plus technology, which includes new and advanced cooling, International Rectifier electronics to power the processor and memory, quite familiar feature DualBIOS (spare chip with a secondary BIOS or UEFI) and Ultra USB3 + denoting panel with 10 USB 3.0 ports and dedicated fuse on each port.

Gigabyte boards have always been very decent parts of hardware, but lagging behind the competition like Asus when it comes to software side of the story. The new generation seems to correct this omission because all major applications, primarily EasyTune, are updated with new versions that look quite powerful and modern. Special attention is directed to the fan control, and in some models they have even added and special secondary power connector for the CPU cooler, which are equipped with more fans.

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