Wednesday29 March 2023

Gmail is testing a new interface

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A few users noticed that Google is testing a new interface for its popular Gmail service. Good people from have snagged a few screenshots from the test phase of the new website, and have shared them with the public.

According to what can see, the web version of Gmail looks to be closer to the mobile versions. First of all, the change applies to the design, which will be cleaner and less cluttered with various graphic elements. On the left side, instead of the current separate column appears to be "flying" menu that may or may not be displayed. To create a new email messages or reminders user must press the new button in the lower right corner simply labeled with "+", it creates a pop-up menu from which you can then select the item you want to create.

A few more things in the new interface are polished, important messages are marked with pins instead of rating, the whole design is made in a responsive nature, but the most important is still not known - whether, and when will all Gmail users get the opportunity to work on the new interface.

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