Friday03 February 2023

GOOC round one comes to a close - Update with scores Featured

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02GOOC Round one has jsut finished up; we have seen the fastest scores for WPrime and PiFast. Next up is Max Mem and SuperPi. Things have been a little dicey here with the power dropping out a couple of times. This was quickly resotred and the fun went on.

The each contestant picked a number out of a box to get their system. They then wet to work on setting up their indivudual build. They all had to bring their own benches anbd cooling equipment. 

06 16

The LN was supplied by Gigabyte in two large tanks in the corner. These tanks were the center of the chaos as each overclocker made numerous trips to them to make sure they ad enough to keep going.


We watched from the background hovering over the shoulders of 3oh6, Fugger, Vapor and a few others. 

06-1 07 10


We hope to bring you some video from the event later 

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