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Google and Apple Following Nike, Polar and Samsung into Fitness Related Wearables

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This morning’s news is full of posts about Google “following” Apple into the wearable fitness game. After Apple announced their Healthkit app and all that it can do Google quickly pulled the covers back on theirs. Now what all of these articles fail to mention is that other companies have been in the health game long before Apple decided to step into the waters. Nike, Polar, I’M Spa, and Even Samsung had health apps and wearables long before.

I’MSpa, Nike and Polar predate the big guys by a couple of years with their fitness devices. Samsung launched S Fit last year with a complete fitness tracking program on their Note III line. This has since extended out to other phones and was tied into the Galaxy Gear that came out in September of 2013. We are not sure if the authors of these articles just skimped on their research, or if they truly have bought into the belief that Apple was the first to dive into the fitness game.

Now before you start to clamor about the many items that are supposed to be in HealthKit you might want to think about what has been included in other apps. We have seen sleep tracking, environmental variables (temperature and humidity) exercise, caloric intake, heart rate and more. Apple is not leading the pack into this market. Instead they are following the example of many, many others.

Health related gadgets are a smart move when it comes to smartwatches as we have seen with Nike’s Fuel Band popularity. It is one of the reasons that everyone is trying to jump on that particular gravy train at the moment. Apple and Google are simply late to the party.

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