Wednesday29 March 2023

Google asking for more focus on tablets

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Earlier this year Google released its first tablet, the Nexus 7, and now they are asking developers to build more apps optimized for tablets. Today they published a “tablet app quality checklist” on their android developers’ blog. They hope this will help them gain more buyers and with the developers help, they won’t have to worry about not having enough apps for their tablets. Currently there is a really small amount of apps made specifically for tablets. This initiative should bring more of them to the larger displays.

They presented a detailed set of guidelines for Android app development to help developers create more tablet version of their apps. This is not the first time Google has done this; they did the same when Ice Cream Sandwich was released. That was because they wanted to add a bit of consistency in the Android platform, which they expected to achieve if the developers followed their guidelines.  With their newest guide they look to optimize layouts for larger screens, take advantage of extra screen area available on tablets and on using icons and other assets that are designed for tablet screens.

Looks like Google is worried about Android tablets in general, especially now when they have their own device in this category. Samsung's Galaxy Tab was here for two years already, but developers do not seem to have much interest in this part of the market. According to the Google “The benefits of building an app that works great on tablets is evident in the experiences of, Tiny Co, and Instapaper who reported increased user engagement, better monetization, and more downloads from tablet users.” So hopefully for Android tablet users this will lure more developers to create new tablet apps we all want.

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