Wednesday29 March 2023

Google could be looking to buy Twitch for around $1 billion

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Google has apparently decided to buy Twitch, a platform for publishing content from games, according to Variety. The value of the acquisition is estimated at over a billion dollars.

The company plans to integrate the platform into the YouTube. Twitch is currently one of the most popular ways to wathc the games live. Viewers are offered an opportunity to comment the game in the integrated chat. The possibility of using the platform is provided directly from the consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so it is no wonder that Google decided to make a move.

Twitch currently has about 45 million monthly users. For comparison, YouTube has over one billion users per month.

[Ed – this is still not a confirmed item (from what we are seeing) and there has already been a backlash from the gaming community. The do not want to see Google in charge of this service. It seems they feel that Google might be capable of messing up something good... Personally I happen to agree]

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