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Google improved end-to-end data encryption

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In a statement to the Washington Post, Google announced that they have significantly accelerated their program and implementation process of end-to-end encryption of data which is exchanged between their own data centers.

Google supposedly decided for this move to prevent control of their data by the U.S. secret service NSA and malicious foreign governments which are looking for useful information. Program of data encryption was launched late last year, and sharply accelerated in June after the first discoveries by Edward Snowden. About six of Google's data centers scattered around the world are used for storing user's e-mails.

Google declined to disclose details of the implemented system and the cost of encryption implemented programs.

[Ed - Considering the fact that the NSA wrote the standard for our modern encryption this is nothing but a feel good move by Google. There is very little they can ddo unless they are completely developing a new encryption standard or are allowing their end users to establish and maintain their own private encryption keys. To hinder attempts to brute force the encryption the key length needs to be more than the standard 2048 (4096 would be a good starting place). Barring these moves by Google it will be business as usual...]

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