Thursday08 December 2022

Google making network gaming service?

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Apple has its own Game Center, and Google does not really have something similar. That is, at the moment no, but according to the Android Police in application My Glass, which comes with Google Glass there are calls and a list of options related to a future version of Google's network game service that would be a counterpart to Apple's Game Center.

Apparently there are separate folders for games with lots of individual files, some of which suggest the existence of both real-time and turn-based games, the possibility of chatting with other users, ability to collect the famous "achievements" that have become a real pest. There are also top-list of players, lobby, invitations for clans and groups and things that decent service of this kind must have.

Although the above is found in the application for Google Glass, teams from AP thinks it's a coincidence, because the device has no possibility of performing many complex applications as well as other devices with Android, but it is a piece of code that will be used on  tablets and mobile phones.

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