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Sunday, 01 September 2013 11:38

Google's glasses becoming a fashion gadget

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If you thought that Google's glasses in the final release will look the same as Exloper model which developers and early subscribed users get, you're wrong, because Google is working on improving the design that will allow the emergence of various "fashion models" for women and men, so you will be able to try Google Glass as if you were buying a preppy sunglasses.

Although Google has not show what kind of designs will be available, Isabelle Olson, a major industrial designer at Google Glass, on her Google+ profile has published two photos of Amanda Rosenberg, marketing manager  for Google Glass, where you can see a model of glasses that look completely different from the "space-geekish" design of Explorer models.

On the one hand, different design models of glasses will allow users to retain their individuality, but on the other will hinder rapid detection of those who wear them, so it will be hard to figure out if someone is recording you for their funny home videos, and thus without a questions violates your privacy.

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