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Google Tango allows you to create 3D maps

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Google has unveiled Project Tango, which allows smart mobile phones to create realistic 3D maps of space and virtual reality as the user moves in real space. Technology has come from the department of Motorola Mobility, Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP), which has its roots in the US Department of Defense, or Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Specifically, when Google sold Motorola Mobility to Lenovo, they decided to keep the department in the company.

Tango is currently implemented on a mobile phone with a 5 inch screen based on Android, runned by specially tailored hardware and software that allows complete monitoring of the device in three-dimensional space while creating a map of space. The sensors in the phone conduct more than 250 million measurements per second to create a 3D model of the environment around the user. As a possible application of Google mentioned recording of your own home in order to facilitate the purchase of furniture, help for visually impaired people in the movement, or games in virtual reality.

By the end of March, 200 selected developers should get the devices to examine the possibility of developing applications based on the Tango and if you are interested you can apply to participate in the test on the official site.

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