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Google Tries for the TV Market Again with Chromecast

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Google has launched a gadget that combines features of a streaming devices and smart TV called Chromecast, which, like the name suggests, works on Chrome, and is made with the idea too bring Google's operating system and browser to the big screen.

Chromecast was created with the idea of classical streaming device that is supposed to allow you to bring to your TV screen movies from YouTube, Google Play, Netflix, Pandora, and photos that you wirelessly "stream" from your smartphones and tablets, but it will also bring the first expansion of Chrome OS outside the traditional computing platforms.

Chrome OS was so far intended to be the desktop operating system which would be used on laptops and monitors, and now Google decided to convert it a little for use in the living room over the Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Chromecast uses so-called AirPlay-type system that allows you to stream content from the device, so it is enough to just click the button on YouTube to transfer the video to the second screen, which is really clean and easily done, so that the system can be used by the least technically savvy users. The device is now available in the U.S. at a price of 35 dollars.

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