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Google wants to stream music

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According to the Financial Times, Google is reportedly negotiating with major music publishing companies regarding their services for streaming music. These services would supposedly be available at a subscription model or as a free service that would be financed through advertisements, similar to models from competing services such as Spotify and Deezer.

Google already has a service for downloading music that was launched in the 2011 in the U.S., and is available in several European countries. This one gives users storage for 25,000 songs they can store online and then stream to their mobile devices. Once it’s launched they plan to integrate it with their Nexus line of Android devices, so we can consider it a response to Apple’s iTunes.

It’s worth noting that the Recording Industry Association of America stated just a few days ago that they are very unhappy with Google's policy against piracy “Unfortunately, our initial analysis concludes that so far Google's pledge six months ago to demote pirate sites remains unfulfilled. Searches for popular music continue to yield results that emphasize illegal sites at the expense of legitimate services, which are often relegated to later pages. And Google's auto-complete function continues to lead users to many of those same illicit sites.” It will be interesting to see how will Google compete with so much competition in this field, but if they manage to push it with their Nexus series it could be pretty good for them.

[Ed – Google is still paying for their support in the great internet black out and their opposition to both SOPA and PIPA. The MPAA and RIAA both want to punish Google for this and as such will continue to make it appear that Google is not helping in the “war” on piracy. We expect them to continue this trend as they ramp up with the re-introduction of a new SOPA bill and as they co-op more and more ISPs to police the internet for them (which is still not the job of ANY ISP) Still this is Google and despite their current bad stance with both the MPAA and RIAA they will probably end up making this service work.]

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