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Grim days for Nintendo

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Like Nintendo's struggle was not enough, now Ubisoft's Yves Guillemot said in an interview with Kotaku that Nintendo has to work on the sale of their new console if they want Ubisoft to continue issuing Wii U exclusives. 

Wii U came to the market come with three Ubisoft exclusives; ZombiU, Rabbids Land and Sports Connection, of which has ZombiU was the most popular and has attracted the largest number of players and even was a reason enough for them to buy a console.

On the other hand, several publishers and developers in recent months have shown that they dont have excessively high opinion of the Nintendo Wii U and with all that in mind there is a lot of doubt that the sale, unless the events at E3 drastically change the situation, will improve, not even slightest.

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