Sunday25 September 2022

Hacking Team's Spyware source code released to the wild after Hack

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The Italian Security firm Hacking Team is now admitting that their spying software is potentially in the hands of bad guys. After a hack that saw roughly 400GB of company information liberated from their systems they have been monitoring what is being released online. They have now concluded that there is sufficient source code for their monitoring applications to allow someone to mount the same style surveillance that they were providing to their clients.

Yup, NSA style software can be grabbed off of the internet by anyone. Hacking Team has issued a dire warning about this, but all anyone can do is wait. We imagine they will be under pressure to release details of their applications to anti-malware companies to help defend against this new threat. As it stands right now their tools are designed to get around most (if not all) of the current software intended to protect people from this exact thing.

This is not the first time that a security company has been hacked and dangerous information leaked out onto the internet. It shows that there really is no such thing as a secure system and also make you wonder why governments are still asking for certain “flaws” to be left in security and other software. This hack along with the Office of Personnel management in the US appear to be the beginning of a new trend of high-profile, large scale attacks that are aimed and gathering and releasing important information at the government level. We expect to see more of this type of attack in the future while security companies scramble to protect themselves and maybe their clients.

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