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Halo 4 to get a big update

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343 Industries says that on Monday we can expect news for Halo 4. It is a modification of the existing multiplayer modes. 343 Industries continues to work on the fourth Halo and they have announced that they are preparing new options for the multiplayer game modes called Oddball and King of the Hill for next week. Of course, there are also new maps called Haven Complex, Adrift, Solace and Abandon. Actually it is a modification of the existing playlists for Halo 4. Specifically, mods Oddball and King of the Hill will be accessible next week without pre-prepared team.

Halo 4's community manager Jessica Shea gave a bit of information about the new mods.
•    While holding the ball, if your closest rival or the game leader is close to killing you, try throwing the Oddball away from them to deny them points.
•    The Oddball is an instant kill with a melee attack. This is a huge help up-close.
•    While holding the Oddball, remember that others can see your location.
•    Grenades and weapons with high impulse will push the Oddball away. Use this to prevent an enemy from picking up the ball.

King of the hill:
•    The points fanfare now counts up above your reticle. Keep an eye on exactly how many points you’re earning while in the hill.
•    Timing when you go into the hill is a big game changer. It’s often best to clear out enemies before rushing in.
•    Targeting your competition is huge. Take down your closest rivals vying for each valuable point in the hill.
•    When a hill reaches 5 points or less, the next hill will be highlighted on your HUD as “INCOMING”. Keep an eye on this, and plan your moves in advance.
•    On maps with vehicles, use them to help dominate a hill (and earn special vehicle hill medals while you do it!).
Halo 4 has proven to be a definite success, regardless of the fact that development is with Microsoft's studio 343 Industries, instead of Bungie. The game itself has so far earned more than $ 300 million, so it still remains one of the leading trademarks for Xbox 360.

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