Wednesday01 February 2023

Has the time come for Android based Nokia phones?

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Nokia is developing an Android device , atleast according to sources close to the manufacturer. One of the smartphones on which Nokia is currently working carries codename Normandy, and it is a unit intended for the lower price range. Also, it was revealed that Nokia uses custom Android, rather than the Google's version, something like Amazon is using for its Kindle Fire tablet.

If the information proves correct, it would mean that Nokia would not have the option of using Play Store, but according to sources, they do not aim at the application store but rather to just make a cheap substitute for the so-called dumbphone devices. A few weeks ago the device was mentioned by @evleaks which is usually a very reliable source of information about new devices. Photos of the device were also released on which we saw only one button below the screen (Windows Phone normally uses three buttons below the screen).

Despite the acquisition, the project is going full steam ahead, sources say, and the launch is expected early in the year - provided, of course, that Microsoft does not kill this idea before that.

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