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Hotifile shut down for good

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Hotfile, one of the most popular services for sharing files has ceased their operations. In a recent court settlement Hotfile has agreed to pay a fine of $80 million for copyright infringement to several movie studios. It is the result of a lawsuit for copyright infringement started in March 2012. submitted by Disney, Fox, Universal, Sony Pictures and Warner against Hotfile CEO, Anthony Tito.

In addition to the fines,  by this settlement Hotfile was ordered to implement strict content filtering if it wants to continue to operate, but on Wednesday they decided to make a drastic move. Without prior notice they closed the service and caused problems to user in accessing their data, among them were many who used Hotfile to distribute legal content.

On Hotfile's Web site a message was posted that informs users that the site is closed forever and invites them to use legal platform for viewing the contents of the film and TV series. The message is very similar to that published in the temporary closure of the service isoHunt and probably originates from the MPAA association that protects copyrights fo the six US film studios and is also involved in a lawsuit against Hotfile.

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