Wednesday01 February 2023

How about mandatory IE usage? South Korea says YES!

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South Korea is an Asian country known for its high technological achievements, very high-speed broadband internet and widespread 4G LTE network, which reaches up to the tunnel subway in Seoul, but a legal limit makes the country dependent on past practice. 14 year old act provides that for safety all bank transactions and purchases on the Internet should be done through a web browser IE (Internet Explorer).

Thanks to this limitation, South Korea is now a country where three quarters of all Internet usage is associated with IE, while others, now more popular web browsers, like Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari are hardly used. The usual stuff on the internet, such as shopping, paying e- bills, booking airline tickets, can be done in South Korea only with IE.

This is huge problem for users of Apple's operating system, for which version of Internet Explorer does not exist. The only solution is to place the system in a dual-boot with OS X and Windows operating system for which it is necessary to purchase an additional license.

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