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How much energy do next-gen consoles waste?

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Nonprofit organization Natural Resources Defense Council conducted a survey on the consumption of electricity for the game consoles of the latest generation. It was discovered that Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's Playstation 4 used 2 to 3 times more electricity than the previous generation of consoles.

Xbox One spends 289 kilowatt-hours yearly (there is a large consumption due to the use of voice commands), compared to the Xbox 360, which had a consumption of 70 kilowatt-hours per year. Nearly half of this annual consumption (44 %) refers to consumption in standby mode. Playstation 4 had a consumption of 181 kilowatt-hours of energy per year mainly due to inefficient charging controllers and other accessories for the console via USB. For comparison, the Playstation 3 console has had an annual consumption of 64 kilowatt hours.

A positive example of energy efficiency is Nintendo, which reduced annual electricity consumption from 40 kWh of the previous generation of the Wii console to 37 kilowatt-hours of the latest Wii U console. For more information about the survey check the official site.

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