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Thursday, 25 April 2013 19:40

HTC can keep the "Nokia“ microphones

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Looks like HTC was not really guilty in the story about the use of microphones that were designed exclusively for Nokia. Contrary to previous allegations, the company now can sell the device HTC One in the Netherlands.

What was this all about? Well, Nokia has the exclusive right to use double -membrane microphones in their devices. Disputed microphones were manufactured by STMicroelectronics, which broke the contract with the Finnish manufacturer sold microphones ti HTC. Dutch court does not blame HTC, but manufacturers of microphones, because HTC could not have known about the exclusivity agreement, and they believe that the components were purchased "in good faith". Nokia's request for the cancellation of delivered components could not be fulfilled, so now on the market customers will find examples of HTC's One's with the same microphone as in Nokia Lumia smartphones.
However, although the first shipment of the device already comes with the "illegal" microphones, HTC will have to find alternative manufacturers for future shipments of their flagship model One.

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