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HTC plans to bring Windows tablets

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If you believe the rumors going around the internet, HTC is working on the development of the tablet device with Windows RT; at least according to sources close to HTC. After they released their WP8 devices, named 8S and 8X it looks like they will indulge even deeper into collaboration with Microsoft. HTC decided earlier this month to give up on increasing the screen size of their WP8 smartphones and now they are turning to tablets.

According to sources, these are two unusual devices- one is a 12-inch tablet, which will be bigger than all of the currently available Windows RT devices. The second will be a 7-inch design through which users will supposedly be able to even make phone calls. This is something that currently available devices still don’t have. HTC's tablet should be based on Qualcomm SoC's, instead of nVidia which drives their devices that are on the market now [Many companies went with nVidia simply because of driver maturity so they could meet deadlines - Ed].

The tablet, according to sources, should be launched during the third quarter. HTC has reportedly discussed the possibility of offering Windows 8 tablets based on Intel’s new Atom processors, but development was halted after the designs ended up with a final price of about $ 1,000; which to HTC was too expensive.

[Ed – HTC was pushed out of the first round of RT devices by Microsoft for some reason. This makes their decision to push forward with a Windows RT device a little odd even with HTC’s tight partnership with Microsoft. HTC and Microsoft’s partnership has been eroding ever since Microsoft decided to back Nokia for Windows Phone instead of HTC (who needed the help). We wonder how well these devices will do in the market once they are released and what eventual price point they will hit.]

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