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Huawei leaves the US

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Over the past few years the Chinese telecom equipment maker Huawei has been constantly working under pressure from the United States. The company was repeatedly accused of Internet espionage for Chinese military and government. After dealing with such bad treatment on the market, Huawei'S CEO Ren Zhengfei said that they no longer want to do business there.


He said that if Huawei is standing in the way of good relations between China and America and causes problems, then their business is not worth it. So because of that, thry decided to withdraw from the American market and no longer stand between the two countries.

The company has always denied any connection with espionage and underlined its commitment to customers and partners in cooperation with the US market which generates about one billion dollars in annual revenue. But after the last charge and political pressures this summer Huawei first decided to invest less in the US market, and now it looks like their business there has come to an end.

[Ed - Eventually the US is going to be a closed market with only companies like Apple to chose from. This is despite the many issues that have been found with Apple's business practices (and the fact that they still do not make anything in the US.)..]

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