DecryptedTech (re)Launches Game Thoughts

A not so new feature at DecryptedTech is going to be our thoughts on gaming, game releases, and the game industry as a whole. This is actually not something new to DecryptedTech. In the past we had our Short Attention Span reviews of AAA titles where we jumped in with both feet to see if a new game release could even capture our attention. Now we are looking to dive a little deeper into each game.

We hope to keep a similar format to what we had before with a quick introduction article which will have no spoilers but will give you an idea of when the action starts and what you can expect to deal with when you first get the game (including download and initial patch issues). From there we hope to give a full review of the game’s story, character development, highlights etc. Here you can expect some spoilers so read with caution.

Why are we going back to this after so many years of just being focused on security? Personally, I enjoy gaming on just about every platform and back when we were covering the new games it was fun to see how quickly we could get them up and going and then get through the game (not a speed run through) without major exploration. Sometimes we found games that allowed for multiple paths through and others we found ridiculously linear games that you simply could not diverge from the path laid out by the developers.

So, with all that out of the way, look for our first coverage on Jedi Survivor in the next week or so. It should be fun, informative, and or course have our signature brand of sarcasm in every sentence.

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