Elden Ring has a Flaw that Invaders are Using to Corrupt Game Saves

Elden Ring, from developer FromSoftware seems to have a flaw that is allowing an interesting attack for PC players. The flaw allows invaders, malicious players that enter another player’s world to cause a game crash, this crash leads the player into an endless death loop once the player can get back online.

Somehow the crash causes the targeted player to respawn beneath the world the next time they load that saved game. This re-spawn locations causes the player to fall to their death repeatedly. Once in this position, the player cannot reliably get out of it. There has been some claiming that if the player can kill Elden Ring (Alt-F4) and then hit the map button on relaunch quickly and often enough as the game is reloading, they can respawn in a safe place and not under the world.

The flaw being part of PVP play also reminds us of the flaw found Dark Souls although it is not quite as impactful. It has also cause some to questions the requirement for PVP play in the first place. The claims range from companies being unable to properly secure PVP game play to it just being annoying having to deal with other unknown people. Elden Ring and other games of its type are mean to be immersive and to have expansive worlds that take other personalities into effect. This is supposed to make game play more fun and interactive. The challenge is how do you deal with the people that are just there to create problems or to find a way to utilize the game world to compromise players’ systems and/or accounts.

So far there has been no word on an update or fix for this issue and it has not really been acknowledged by the publisher Bandai Namco. The only truly reliable way to avoid this is to not play the game until there is a fix or create a backup of your saves that are outside of the game environment. This way if find yourself in an infinite death loop you can get at least get back to where you were before you stated the game and got hit by an invader.

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