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In Win 901 Case Review, Or How To Build an SFF Case With Style Featured

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PC enclosure reviews are not exactly the most exciting things on the internet. In far too many cases (no pun intended… ok well maybe) we find that the differences between one company and another is wholly cosmetic and are not much more than fancy side panels and extra plastic to give the case a different shape. This is not to say that there is no innovation in the market, just that really innovative features and designs are not all that common. One company that has recently stood out is In Win. Over the last few months In Win has released some very novel and innovative cases. These have not been your standard “hey I have more HDD bays and fans” type of innovations, but actually new and innovative designs and even materials (like a glass case). Today we are taking a look at one of them, the In Win 901. This is a very interesting SFF case that just might be one of the coolest enclosure designs we have seen in a very long time.

 The Box and Goodies -
To be perfectly honest there was very few people that care about the box that their hardware arrives in outside its ability to handle going through shipping. In the case of the In Win 901 this is a very important factor. Fortunately, In Win has thought about this and made sure that your 901 will get to you safely.

IW901-0302 IW901-0304 IW901-0306

Inside the box In Win has gone a couple of steps further in making sure you know you are getting a high quality product. The protective inserts are solid, but also pliable to help reduce damage from the box being dropped.

IW901-0307 IW901-0308 IW901-0309

The 901 itself is wrapped in soft recycled material to protect it and also prevent scratches. This material also has the benefit of not building up additional static in the same way that the more traditional plastic bag does.


The extra care does not stop there though. All of the extras (screws, manuals etc) come in a soft plastic zipper bag. This bag is thick and pliable with more than enough room to store everything you need. In Win also broke out all of the different screw types into their own bags although they did not put them in resealable bags. You do get a couple of cable clamps, some zip ties and a nice cleaning cloth all of which are very nice extras.

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