Wednesday07 December 2022

Incredibly fast graphene chips from IBM

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IBM's Research Laboratory achieved a great progress in the development of graphene microchip. Their engineers have managed to create an integrated chip of graphene instead of silicon, which shows several times better performance than all previous graphene chips. This big jump occurred because of the discovery of methods of depositing graphene on a substrate, which is stacked in a way that integrated circuits are not damaged, which was not possible until now.


First measurements show that they made a chip which can be as many as 10,000 times faster than its predecessor made with earlier methods. What continues to encourage IBM engineers is the fact that the method of manufacture that they applied is compatible with standard CMOS production method of silicon wafers.

However , the same technology is not yet able to make a real microprocessor from graphene fibers, and because of certain characteristics of the material (the problem of the energy gap) there is a possibility that it will never be feasible. Therefore, IBM will focus on developing the next generation of advanced processors based on carbon nanotube as a potential building material.

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