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Infected GTA V Torrent Snags Thousands of Eager Fans

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Every so often demand for a product out paces people’s common sense. In the past we have watched as people have happily downloaded malware thinking they are getting something early or for free. It is not an unknown or uncommon happening. This time the product in question is GTA V for PC and the consequences for,… let’s call it eagerness, is not good at all.


Before we get into the details about the malware let’s catch you up on a few things. First of all GTA V is only available for consoles right now. This has caused many PC gamers to become very annoyed with RockStar games. There was even a petition that was intended to force RockStar into releasing the PC version sooner rather than later. The angry emails, petitions and name calling has not moved RockStar to change their plans about GTA V for PC. Right now the best information is that a version of PC is to be released in late November early December. This means and the software will not be available for at least another 30 days.

Armed with this information and understanding that people are so eager to get their hands on GTA for PC someone (or a group of people) developed a poisoned image file and have been pushing it out using the torrent system. From what we have been able to find out the original image might have even started out at a higher level than the torrent cloud. From there it has filtered down to FTP sites, and as we mentioned the torrent cloud.

Once in the cloud the fans eager to grab GTA V for PC started downloading it as of this writing it has been downloaded several thousand times. Inside the 18GB .ISO is a setup file that does nothing more than infect your system with malware. The actual malware inside and what it does is not yet known, but you can bet it is not going to be easy to remove. We have reached to see if this was an intentional plant by the industry or if it was from a group looking to bag a few thousand victims. Right now all we know is that this image was reported about two weeks ago in the wild before it hit the torrent system. How it got there and who made it are still a mystery. Sometimes it is simply better to wait just to make sure you are not getting something bad when you grab that leaked copy…

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