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Instagram gets video recording

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In yesterday's update, which the owners of smartphones with iOS and Android in version 4.1 and newer can download for free from the market with applications for their devices, Instagram has received a video recording function.

Video is recorded in a way that users within the application launch the recording function, click on the camera and then keeping your finger on the camera icon determines what we take. As soon as your remove the finger from the camera, the recording stops. This concept allows the easy creation of great short movies where you do not have to shoot without interruption, but you can have in your video more pauses. Of course, after recording video can be dressed up with fifteen filters, about whose quality we dont need to say much, since they are the main reason for the popularity of Instagram. Filters available for video are different from those used for captured photos.

Maximum length of the video can be 15 seconds and sound is also recorded. Before the publication users can choose which picture from the video will be used as the cover photo. Twitter's Vine does not have that option nor filters nor image stabilization and recording is limited to 6 seconds.

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