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Intel's support for DDR 4 shows up at CES 2014

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According to sources coming from the company itself, Intel will during the third quarter of this year add support for DDR memory 4 of the new generation. New DDR 4 memory is developed for a long time, specifically over five years.

 Compared to the current actual DDR 3 memory, it delivers 50% higher throughput and 35% more energy savings. Clock speed of DDR 4 memory will be 3200 MHz, compared to the clock speed of 2400 MHz with a DDR 3 memory. Also it will have a lower voltage of 1.2 volts, unlike the 1.5 V we have in DDR 3. At first Intel's support for new memory will come with the new Xeon processors for servers, codenamed Grantley based on the Haswell architecture. They will be presented in the third quarter of this year.

Analysts estimate that the DDR 4 at the beginning of the sale will be about 30% more expensive than DDR 3 memory, but the difference could drop during the 2015 to just 10% higher price.

[Ed – Although there was no demo, Kingston was able to show us a DDR4 server (with everything but the memory hidden). It shows that DDR4 is coming and coming fast. For those of us that run virtual systems the move to DDR4 is a very welcome one. With more memory bandwidth hypervisors can put out some serious performance. DDR4 will also bring a significant boost for datacenter applications like SQL. It will be very interesting to see the first DDR4 systems drop onto the market.]

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