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Is Razer’s 17.3-inch BLADE gaming laptop best in the game?

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Razer blade laptop

Razer released their “Blade” gaming laptop this year and the first version of it was amazing, although it did have a few kinks in the overall gaming experience. According to Razer they revolutionized the mobile gaming industry with the original Blade and is now setting out to do it all again. But what exactly separates the Blade from other laptops that are on the market?

What separates the Razer Blade from the rest of the gaming laptop manufacturers is simply what they managed to fit into such a small, light weight package. The second-gen Blade boasts a 3rd Gen Intel Quad Core processor, 8gb DDR3 RAM, a hybrid HDD unit (500 gb 7200 RPM main drive + 64gb SATA III SSD), Nvidia GeForce GTX 660m GPU, and a 17.3” LED (1920x1080) HD screen. More amazing yet is the fact that the Blade weighs in at a feather light 6.6 pounds. Oh, and did we mention that it measures in at just 0.88 inches thick? Oh, and the built in LCD UI interface allows you to use all of the Apps that the Blade has along with the ability to browse the web without ever having to leave the game you’re playing. Indeed, Razer has truly introduced the self-proclaimed “World’s first true gaming laptop”

The improvements that we’re witnessing in the mobile gaming market are astounding and it’s going to amazing to see how much further the envelope can be pushed.

[Ed – Although the new Razer Blade is an impressive device we are not completely sure that it meets up to the marketing hype. Checking around there are a few other notebooks that meet many of the specifications that the Blade has with the possible exception of the 17.3-inch panel. Razer also faces the same problem that many other companies that “branch” out do; if you are known for one product you might not get the same reception when you try something else. Just ask OCZ, how many people remember OCZ and their attempt at making video cards? It will be interesting to see what, if any, impact the Blade will have on the market.]

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