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Is Someone Really Trying to Out "The Jester", or is He Trying to Leave with a Bang?

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eye-maskWith all that is going on in the “hacker” world there is more drama today as someone is possibly claiming to maybe know who The Jester is. The catch, well it might be The Jester himself. To fill you in on a little background information; The Jester (also known as th3j35t3r) has made something of a name for himself in his activities against WikiLeaks, Anonymous, and other sites that do not agree with his politics. He has styled himself as a vigilante hacker and one that has the “power” to take down sites single handedly (with the right DDoS tools).

One of the things he is most widely known for as his claims to have DDoS’d the Westboro Baptist Church, a few sites linked to the Taliban and a DDoS on WikiLeaks itself. There are more than a few who doubt that these were all that he claimed they were. There are more than a few who have stated that The Jester’s main tool was disinformation and fear (both are very effective). However many also think that The Jester is now looking for a way to step down and perhaps leave his old persona behind (there is also a chance that this has already happened).

According to an article over at ArsTechnica; The Jester’s Twitter and Blog vanished from the interweb a couple of days ago. Later the same day a new Twitter account popped up under the name @th3j35tr and claimed to be The Jester. However people that a supposedly close to “The Real” Jester are now saying that it is not him.

The events that lead to this are somewhat unusual and more than a little suspect. Around May 10th someone going by the name Smedley Manning setup a Twitter account under the header @cubespherical. This Twitter account started tweeting directly to The Jester. The Jester then put up a very cryptic post (which is part of what makes this very suspect) on his blog (on may 10th). The comment is quoted below;

‘The worst enemy a person can acquire, is the enemy he once considered a friend.’ – Me – 2012
additionally….. and in complete back to back contradiction as we all know… I never double dip my quotes.
‘The enemy of my enemy is my friend’ – Unknown.
So the usual suspects… the boys at reapersec (lowercase intentional) are co-ordinating and finding themselves allies. Its funny because I was informed of an organized attempt to discredit me that would require a prescribed reaction from me over 18 hours ago.”

It seems like he is predicting the issue that popped up three days later. On the 13th @cubeshpere posted what were supposed to be The Jester’s initials, a jab that was supposed to indicate that the person knew The Jester’s birthday and then a few comments that were meant to point to an incident that involved Smedley Manning and the Jester.

“10 words for you. Dallas Cowboys. Scruffy Murphys GA, Shiner, Ft Benning, 2003. You.”

There was more to this, like a screen shot of messages that were supposed to be between Smedley and the Jester. As well as a picture (claimed to be from the Jester’s Facebook).

However, the more the story unfolds the more the tweets and posts begin to fall into the same pattern that The Jester uses in his own blog and tweets. The style is alarmingly similar to the way The Jester unmasked Sabu (the flow of the words and even word choices). There is also the dramatic way in which he talks about how he might have to respond to something.

Next is the blackmail that comes from Smedley. Here he claims that he has a resume, The Jester’s real name and more information about him and will out it after he gets 20,000 bit coins (about $100,000). He claims (just to keep up the drama) that he is going to donate some to WikiLeaks, but will keep the rest for himself. Now, who really is going to shell out money to find out who The Jester is? No one that I know of; when I asked around there did not seem to be a big rush to get the money to Smedley.

So what it looks like we have here is The Jester looking to go out in style. The new @th3j35tr has made the statement “The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated” and also claiming that he is going to DDoS WikiLeak and Westboro again. All in the name of leaving a lasting name on the web.

We expect that in a matter of days this will all be forgotten by everyone… but The Jester. If we are guessing right his personality will not want to let this fade away. We might hear something from him yet if there is not a big enough commotion over this. Then again, maybe he will really just fade away....

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