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Is This the First look at the iPhone 5S

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The web portal Gizchina have released a few interesting pictures that are supposed to be from a Foxconn factory (probably in China). These photos allegedly show some mobile devices that could possibly be an iPhone 5S. It looks pretty much the same as the iPhone 5 which is expected and furthers the rumors that it will be just a slight improvement regarding hardware specs.

Although they have said absolutely nothing about the hardware characteristics of the devices in the pictures, and we do not see any difference in the appearance of the screen from the current iPhone 5, according to them this really is an Apple iPhone 5S phone that is currently in production, and supposedly will be launched in June or July this year.

The rumor also mentions that Apple is working on a prototype of a new 5 inch iPhone 6, which should be launched near the end of 2013. We have to admit that from these pictures none can really get any additional info, but if you can do some forensic analysis of the photographs, feel free to tell us if we missed something.

[Ed – From what we are seeing Apple is going to have a rough time this year and the possibility that they will launch little more than a minor upgrade to one of their flagship products does not bode well for them. Samsung and others will have FullHD phones with screen sizes up to 5 inches in the next few months and are even working on smaller phones with the same 1902x1080 resolution. Intel is also entering the mobile market and from what we know so far they will not be teaming up with Apple any time soon (although that could change).  Like we said at the end of 2012, this year will be a very interesting one for mobile…]

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