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iTunes arriving for Android?

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Not so long ago in 2012. Steve Wozniak sparked the idea that iTunes could become available on Android devices, because as he said at the time that he loves Apple products, including iTunes and would like to use them from his Android devices.

Now we have a report stating that Apple is considering issuing iTunes application for the Android operating system. The same report also states that Apple is currently negotiating with leading publishing houses around the introduction of "on-demand" function within iTunes Radio service. As the main reason for such decisions they mentioned a slight but steady decline in sales of digital content. By the 9th March, in the U.S. market, a decline of 13 % in sales of music albums, and a decrease of 11 % in sales of individual titles compared to last year was marked.

Ultimately this decision should not cause surprise, because when you take into account the number of Android users (which is increasing), with the arrival to the Android platform Apple could achieve significant revenue.

[Ed - Right now this is not much more than an unconfirmed report. One reason why this might be a pipe dream is simply the intense dislike that Apple has for Android and all of the devices built in it. It is not likley that they would offer this resource to their competition. This is not like Microsoft pushing out a version of Office for the iPad. This is a situation where Apple would be giving away the keys to the kingdom. Think about the number of people that are sticking with Apple due to the large music, video and book libraries they have. If you remove that Apple could potentially lose sales to Android phone makers. This loss in handset sales would probably not be made up by an increase in digital ccontent sales.]

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