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KIDO'Z arriving to Android mobile devices

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Kido'z announced today that they will be bringing their popular kid-friendly media browser to the Android devices. The app allows kids to view and use only programs they are permitted and if parents are not into today’s mobile devices, Kido'z comes with a directory of pre-approved child safe apps so they can choose it quite easily. As smartphones and tablets are getting more popular and very simple to use, at least when you compare them to PCs, it completely normal that kids want to play on them too. So it was just a matter of time before someone brought this kind of software to mobile devices.

As Android gives more access to core OS features than other operating systems it was the best choice to make a breakthrough into the mobile market. This is not the first app that enables parental control, but it differs from others by having that pre-approved selection of apps and ad-blocking tool. Maybe some developers or ad services won’t like this, but you can’t control what ads will pop out and you certainly don’t want your child to see some zombie apocalypse sort of games. The best thing is that the app is available for free download in the Google Play store, unlike the PC version, which is sold on a subscription basis.
The PC version has over 1 million users, so we can expect good results with the mobile version. Beside the kid-friendly app store, it also features Kido'z TV with educational videos, a kid-safe web browser and a selection of appropriate e-books. There are also controls for parents to set all kinds of limits. Since everything revolves around money, the developers intend to bring a premium library of apps that parents will be able to buy for their children t and the money made from sales will be shared with the app publisher. They also plan to port the app to the iOS later this year.

[Ed – This is a great move as a truly useful parental control app has been missing from the mobile market for a while now. Many forget that mobile devices are very open to attack and with little effort kids can end up spending a very large amount of money through in game/app purchases.]

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