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Kingston at CES 2013

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Las Vegas, NV, CES 2013 – One of our must see companies at CES is Kingston. We have been partnered with Kingston since early 2006 and they are truly one of our favorite companies not only for the things they do, but also for the people that are behind the PR. Yesterday we stopped by their showroom (they had a half ballroom at Caesar’s Palace to see what they had going on. When we walked we saw quite a few displays that contained the history of Kingston Memory and storage products. These cases were quite full considering the fact that Kingston is 20 years old and their HyperX line of memory products is 10 (their first HyperX memory module was DDR… just DDR). However they have come a long way and are now one of (if not the) leading memory and flash storage company in the world.

We will only be covering the highlights here as we have a full video of each of the demos that we were shown, still there is a lot to talk about at Kingston. The first product that we were shown was the largest USB 3.0 Flash Drive made. This is a 1TB (yes 1,000 Gigabytes) flash drive with some very nice performance numbers.

On top of the giant flash drive Kingston also showed off their SSD performance with a couple of demos that might not be realistic, were still very impressive. In one demo we saw 12 SSDs in RAID 0 pushing out read and write numbers that were astounding. The second was more of an enterprise class demo, but still had us floored.

We have a feeling that Kingston will continue to maintain its leadership in the memory market throughout 2013 and perhaps even beyond. However, do not take our word just watch the demos that we were shown and see for yourselves.

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