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Tuesday, 26 March 2013 06:58

Kondik leaves Samsung

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Steve Kondik, creator of the CyanogenMod ROM for Android devices, 19 months ago was taken away by Samsung to boost software on Android devices with his expertise. However, it seems that this enthusiast was not pleased with the atmosphere at Samsung as he today on Google + revealed that he leaves the company.

It is interesting that the departure was not announced with much fanfare. Kondik just mentioned that he will depart from Samsung in a lengthy post in which he outlined his thoughts on the company's new flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4. The device is generally praised, but he mentioned that he does not like changes in the Touchwiz interface which, in his personal opinion, now looks like Android Froyo. He also mentioned that users will be annoyed by a bunch of pop-ups. Nevertheless, he is planning to acquire Galaxy S4 as a replacement for his current smartphone, the Galaxy S3.

When asked by Artem Rusakovski from Android Police's about reasons for going from Samsung, Kondik says that he does not have some special reason and that he enjoyed his period at Samsung. He says he just decided to do something new, and exactly where it will end and he will know in a few months.

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