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Leaked Casting Documents Point to Fallout 4...

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Fans of the game series Fallout should be very happy to hear the latest rumors about the post-apocalyptic game. It seems that after the revelation that a game site claiming to have information about the next installment of Fallout was a hoax, some new documents have been unearthed that could point to the next version. According to Kotaku, a casting call document was sent their way which contains some pretty detailed information.

Kotaku is claiming these are the real thing because they match some elements in previous versions. One of these is the introduction of “War. War never changes”. The casting director listed in the leaked documents has also worked with Bethesda on previous titles.

All of the information looks interesting and could tie in with rumors that Bethesda was scouting locations in Boston. Of course this could also be about a completely different game or just a very convincing hoax as the name Fallout is never directly mentioned on any of the documents. The project is instead referred to as Institute. This code-name could tie into the rumors about scouting trips as one of the rumored locations was MIT (The Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Although it would be very nice to have a new version of Fallout on the market we still have heard far too many game rumors over the years to put too much credit into these. For now we wait for more concrete information from Bethesda...

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