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Lego Blends Physical and Virtual With Fusion Kits

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Growing up Lego was one of the “toys” that I played with most (that and girder and panel). I would build everything from cars, to towers to spaceships with the multi-colored blocks that I had collected. Lego’s popularity has not waned any since those days, in fact it has seemed to continue to grow as they come up with new and more unique kits for you to construct. Lego just seems to have a knack for understanding how to engage kids and adults alike.

Well they have now pushed their grasp of the market from the physical world into the virtual world with their latest kit. The new kit is named Fusion and includes the traditional building blocks and an app for you to run in either iOS or Android. With the combination of these two you can increase the fun in some very entertaining ways.

The blocks (you get about 200 per kit) let you build different things depending on the kit you pick up. The app allows you to take those creations and put them into your own virtual world. There are multiple sides to the app with everything from designing your own resort to battling between towers and castle-like constructions. The game also includes a social component that allows you to include your own world(s) as part of a much larger one. The games also span this world allowing for competition between players as well as more social visits for games like the town builder and resort designer.

It is a brilliant concept that we can see taking off in the near future with many more games, and kits especially for this new Lego virtual world. The next steps for this would be to actually include some sort of VR and then perhaps extend the social aspect to Facebook… We wonder if those conversations have already started… The first kits should hit the shelves in the August/September time frame.

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