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Lenovo did well in first quarter 2012

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The Lenovo Group declared the results for the first quarter of 2012. Lenovo made 8 million in sales which is a 35% improvement from last year, at the same time net profit has improved by 30%, or $141 million. These results are an indicator that Lenovo can maintain increasing profit in a competative market. On a worldwide scale they had 15% market share, which helps the company to have a significant advantage over others.  They also showed a 24.4% increase in net distribution; making it the 13th quarter in a row they beat the rest of the computer industry in this field.

Lenovo's growth is balanced across all geographical areas, within all customers, and production lines. This is thanks to their “protect and attack” business strategy; they keep improving on existing markets while searching for potential new markets. Operational profit for quarter increased by 48% and it's now more than $182 million. Net earnings per share for first quarter are 13.4 cents, while net money reservers were $3.7 billion. During the first quarter Lenovo announced they are establishing an industrial base in Vuhan, China, where the company will build an facility focused on research, development, and production of Lenovo mobile internet and household-line digital devices. The facility is expected to be open for business in Octoper 2013.
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Notebooks made by Lenovo still represent the largest part of world-wide sales, representing 54% of Lenovo's earnings ($4.3 billion in first quarter) an increase of a 23% from the year before. Shipments of notebooks had a 27% increase which help Lenovo to take 15.4% of the notebook market. This puts it inches behind HP at 15.7%. Lenovo's strategies are obviously bearing fruit so it's is only a matter of time before Lenovo could become the leading seller in the notebook world.

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