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Wednesday, 24 October 2012 20:57

LG Pranks Elevator Users

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 LG Elevator

The electronics company LG has come up with a rather novel way to showcase their new IPS line of televisions. IPS is a variation of LCD display screen that boasts clear colors, high refresh rates, and no 'tailing' when someone touches the screen. This makes them especially useful for touchscreen devices, and for LG's prank.

A team of LG engineers installed an array of their television sets in the floor of an elevator, so that the passengers would see whatever was displayed on them when they looked to the floor. The screens were set to a default off-white screen that resembled flooring one might expect to find in an elevator. Once passengers began their ascent in the elevator, the lights would flicker, a mechanical noise would play, and the LG screens would display the floor panels falling out from under the passengers.

To make this whole endeavor of showing off how lifelike their new displays are, LG installed a few hidden cameras in the elevator to capture reactions. You can watch the whole video below:

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