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LTE network speeds in the U.S. on the decline

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In a study conducted by the company OpenSignal in sixteen countries, it was found that the fastest mobile network in the territory of the United States (4G LTE network) is slower than the competition from neighboring Mexico, Brazil and Russia.

During the 2013., the average download speed on 4G LTE networks in the U.S. was 6.5 Mb/s, which puts them on 15th place in the ranking of average speed 4G LTE network. The U.S. is just faster than the Philippines with an average speed of 5.3 Mb/s. A neighbor of the United States, Mexico has an average speed of 12.9 Mb/s and is located on the 12th place, while the average speed of 12.4 Mb/s placed Russia on the 13th place. The first three places in the standings hold Australia (24.5 Mb/s), Italy (22.2 Mb/s) and Brazil (21 Mb/s).

The novelty of the research is how much time users spend surfing on LTE networks. These results show how well the widespread LTE networks in different countries are. It was found that even though they have the third fastest LTE network in the world, Brazilians spend on LTE network, only 45 % of the time beacuse of weaker distribution. By comparison, South Korea users spend as much as 91 % of the time on LTE networks, while the U.S. users do the same 67 % of the time. At the end, a comparison between the speed of the LTE network in relation to the 2012. was made, which found that the average speed of these networks in the U.S. fell from 9.6 Mb/s to 6.5 Mb/s in 2013.

Another case of "high-speed" not being as fast as it should... tell us what you think

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