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Wednesday, 08 August 2012 16:59

Making IRL money in Diablo III

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Have you ever seen the gold farmers in MMORPG’s that stand around in crowded areas advertising for gold/item buying websites? In most cases, this activity is enough of a reason to ban a player from said MMO. However, in Blizzard’s record breaking game Diablo III it’s quite the opposite. In fact, the company actually allows item trading for real life money in the games auction house, taking 15 percent for itself of course.

Okay, so you can trade items from the game for cash in real life. So what? Recently a Diablo III player made around $10,000 from item trades. A user on Reddit by the name of “WithboneTheDog” showed off screen shots of PayPal transactions proving the claims of making the large amount of cash.

In the picture cash transactions between the months of May to August range from $18.02 to an astounding $211.65 per item adding up to a total of $10,018.34 USD. When asked, the player refused to give out any of his secrets such as items or techniques. However, past experience with the stock market as well as a current business education at a top university surely helped him with his sales.

[Ed – When Blizzard first announced the real money auction house we wondered how long it would be before someone showed off how easy it is to play the system. Although we are not saying that the player in question here has done anything illegal they are still paying the system with the trades and sales they are making. Blizzard is getting their 15% cut which in this case amounts to a nice round $1,500. Now imagine if there are multiple players getting this much and you can see how quickly the sums can add up.

This also raises the question of how important to Blizzard is catching the cheaters in this case? After all the more money that passes through the auction house the more money that Blizzard makes. We have a feeling that while blatant cheating or account theft will be dealt with, Blizzard might turn a blind eye on other minor violations…]

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