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Microsoft and Sony Say Derp Hack Claims are a Hoax.

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Hey remember the group that launched the DDoS attack on Steam? Well they are back and have decided to make a little bit bigger of a statement than just throwing packets at a group of servers. This time they appear to have managed to grab a large number of user information from companies like Blizzard, Ubisoft and many others. They have taken this information and (unsurprisingly) dumped it to paste bin. If you do not know who we are talking about it is the DerpTrolling “hacker” group and they have been on a mission to shame just about every game publishing/distribution company on the planet.

As we mentioned the group cut their teeth with a large scale DDoS on Steam and have moved on to grabbing user information. They have been hinting at more to come for a while and now have dropped a sample of what they have on paste bin for all to see. They announced this with a tweet from their primary account GabenTheLord (a reference to Gabe Newel) simply saying “We will just leave this hear” and a shortened link to the paste bin file. They also make sure to let everyone know that more is to come with the statement “Let this be a warning to all ... nothing is safe from Derp.”

Is the attention of Derp just a whim or are they trying to demonstrate to everyone just how insecure online gaming services are? We doubt that anyone will ever really know that answer to that question, but it is actually important in the long run.

Now, there is a new wrinkle in the Derp Saga. According to both Microsoft and Sony there has been no hack or theft of user information. Both Microsoft and Sony have claimed that the information posted are fake and the claims were a hoax. When Derp first made their claims they posted 1,473 user name and password combos that they claimed were from Xbox Live and another 2,131 that were supposed to be from the PlayStation Network. These numbers are not especially large considering the size of the two, but Derp’s claims were that there was more to come. If Sony and Microsoft are already calling this part of the dump a hoax it lessens the impact of the claim as a whole. So far we have not heard of anyone stating that their information was in the dump which would seem to support both Sony and Microsoft’s claims that the break in was not real.

The next move is up to Derp. If they really do have more information they will end up dumping it or they could go on the offensive and attempt to bring Xbox Live and the PSN down sing a DDoS attack similar to the one that was used on Steam. Of course if they do not really have the data they claim they might go the DDoS route anyway, so we will probably never know for sure what they do or do not have. Doesn’t this make things fun?

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