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Microsoft Denies Office for iPad Rumor... Well sort of.

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pp-for-ipad02After our initial report of an Office suite from Microsoft developed for Apple’s iPad it seems the company is trying very hard to deny the rumors and speculation, while at the same time leaving their options open.  What is the real story? We are not entirely sure, but we are convinced that something is going on that will allow Office functionality on the iPad and other tablets in the works.

Looking at the original report TheDaily stated that they had access to an early beta of the new iPad app from Microsoft and even produced pictures right on the iPad. Microsoft has made the statement that the images were not pictures of a “real” Microsoft product, but declined to say that Microsoft was not working on a version of Office for the iPad. Now there are a couple of theories going around that could account for the image and also cover Microsoft from blatantly bashing someone in the press (never a good thing really).

Theory one is that the images are an early development product. Early enough that the UI is not set in stone and the details are not final. This covers Microsoft’s claim that it is not a real product and also leaves the door open to them releasing a “real” product in the future.

Theory two is that this is nothing more than a mockup of an online interface similar to Office 360 from Microsoft. However, this does not cover the “real” product issue unless the images are truly fabricated.

We will not know for certain until Microsoft is ready to talk about it. Right now they are sticking with their earlier story despite comments from TheDaily that the software was demoed for them by someone at Microsoft and that they have a follow on that will expose more information about the rumored app.

Our take on this is that Microsoft IS working on this, but fear an early release of this information will impact potential Windows 8 Tablet sales. The flaw in that Theory is that it is unlikely that someone that already owns an iPad would drop one for a Windows tablet and the iPad already has a productivity suite that is pretty solid for a tablet.

Unless we miss our guess the Microsoft Office team is pushing to expand (which means more money) while the Windows unit wants to keep Office a Microsoft only product, at least in the tablet market and until they know how the market will take to the new Windows on ARM platform. With the iPad3 possibly hitting in March and Windows 8/ Office 15 released to manufacture before the end of 2012 it will be very interesting to see how things play out.

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